10 Minutes A Day Spelling KS2

10 Minutes A Day Spelling KS2

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10 Minutes a Day Spelling (KS2) is a homeschool learning resource that allows 7-11 year olds to practise their spelling in short, 10-minute bursts. With exciting games and tests, spelling will become fun and learning it at home will be easy. Young learners excel when they practise in short, bite-size chunks, making this book the perfect homeschool introduction to spelling.

This workbook provides maximum fun for minimum effort with "beat-the-clock" activities on doubling letters, homophones, and compound words. Plus, the parents' notes section gives the answers, explains common pitfalls and gives guidance on how to avoid them.

These workbooks are the perfect at-home reinforcement for subjects learned in school. Supports National Curriculum at Key Stage 2.

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