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A Monk Jumped over a Wall

A Monk Jumped over a Wall


J. J. Spencer is one of the many hungry young lawyers eager to climb the corporate ladder to the great future awaiting him. With his first annual review approaching, J. J. is confident his keen work for the top Manhattan law firm he is employed by will be praised all the way to the bank. Until, that is, he gives in to a sudden surge of compassion during a chance encounter at a diner.
J. J. discovers how swiftly no good deed goes unpunished: the consequences of his generous impulse snowball and before he knows it, J. J. Spencer has been beaten bloody, arrested for drunk driving, and fired from his job. His perfect life seemingly over, J. J. decides he must dedicate himself to helping the very people who unwittingly lost him everything. It is through that journey - and the surprising battles contained therein - that a new life is allowed to rise from the ashes of the old, and J. J. emerges as the man he always should have been.

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