Black Beauty

Black Beauty


Black Beauty is a young black colt and loves roaming Farmer Gray's
fields with his mother.

As Black Beauty grows into a handsome stallion, he is trained
into the use of a saddle and whip and sold to Squire Gordon of Birtwick

Here, he makes many friends including the angry Ginger, the well-meaning
Merrylegs and the elderly Sir Oliver, as well as stablehands
James and John.

When Squire Gordon has to move abroad to improve his wife's ill
health, Black Beauty is sold again to Earlshall Park.

So begins a hard and unsettled life for Black Beauty who is always
at the whim of his human owners.

Often he is whipped and made to wear blinkers or the bearing rein,
at other times he must work as a cab horse on the busy London

Will Black Beauty ever be able to roam the fields again as he
did in his childhood? What has become of his friends Ginger and Merrylegs?