Four dragon dynasties. One terrible tradition. The young couple who fights to reunite dragons and humans in harmony to end that dark tradition forever.

For Crisilin, the idea of humans and dragons living in harmony with one another is nothing more than a distant dream—especially once she's forced to participate in Tynan's annual ritual. Only one Quelda is chosen every year, which might sound like an honor. In reality, it's a fate worse than death. The other three dragon dynasties of Sulaimon desire a peaceful tribute from the humans they've sworn to protect. Tynan requires blood.

Along with her childhood sweetheart Chalom, Crisilin must choose to embrace this cruel tradition or stand against it. However, taking a stand is no small task. Their only hope lies in seeking help from the other dragon dynasties, but reaching them means fleeing Tynan—a feat that's not only punishable by death but is so perilous that no one who's ever tried it has lived to tell the tale. First, there's the infamous Wall. Beyond that, the enchanted expanse of the Ever-White Lake.

Can Crisilin and Chalom be the first to escape and stop Tynan's ritual before it's too late? Or will the dragons of Tynan, much like its people, remain trapped in their dark tradition for all time?

The Amielian Legends is a collection of stand-alone young adult books, all set in the same fantastic universe, that can be read in any order. Read Bloodmaiden to discover new worlds filled with magic, adventure, and diverse characters today!