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Bridget Jones's Guide to Life

Bridget Jones's Guide to Life


She'll help you get your life in order. She'll help you get your home in order. Or she'll at least help you place a take-out order.

"Cuisine is not merely a question of ordering a pizza�no! Many factors come into play�including finding the pizza menu, decision-making, and obtaining a clean knife with which to cut it.

How true this is of all life."

In this elegant and practical handbook, Bridget Jones�the intrepid thirty-something Singleton on a permanent but doomed quest for self-improvement�offers a road to perfection in the fields of cooking, streamlined inner thighs and poise, spiritual and romantic nirvana, accounting, an understanding of Feng Shui, what men think they might feel they want, and creating a fragrant home. She's read the self-help books�all of them. And committed most of them to memory. Now Bridget breaks out on her own to give readers the benefit�benefit?�of her rich experience.

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