Brotherhood of the Pigskin: A Fantasy Football Novel

Brotherhood of the Pigskin: A Fantasy Football Novel


Every year, "Buckeye Bob" DiGiorgio ponders how to pick the best fantasy football team, on a mission to win the coveted trophy in the Bernard I. Gregory Fantasy Football League. But endless reading, hours of deep thought, and even computer models never seem to pay off.

Until one year, when he vows to win it all with a new strategy. Buckeye Bob's buddies, a colorful cast of characters including Ladies' Man, the Commish, Exacta, and Slowhand, watch as Buckeye Bob puts together an unthinkable lineup of rundown veterans led by an unproven rookie quarterback.

As each week goes by, however, Buckeye Bob's friends begin to realize that perhaps they are witnessing a fantasy football feat that none of them ever dreamed possible. Against all odds, Buckeye Bob is winning. But his friends won't surrender the trophy without a fight.

Join Buckeye Bob and the entire cast as they balance friendship and manly rituals with the quest for victory in Brotherhood of the Pigskin: A Fantasy Football Novel.