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Multiple Listing

Multiple Listing


Introducing Sydney Teague: A Southern adwoman caught in a campaign of murder...

Sydney Teague has it all together--barely.  A single mother, the owner of an advertising agency, she's a woman with one foot in the Old South, and the other firmly planted in the new.  But while Sydney grows her business, meets the needs of her two children, and lives life one day at a time, an old friend hasn't been so lucky.  Sydney's hard-loving, hard-living friend, Crystal, is dead, and Sydney wants to know why.

The answer is not coming from the police--not even from a handsome cop who shows more than a professional interest in Sydney.  Instead, Sydney discovers that Crystal's brutal death is part of an even more shocking crime spree--and that some of the clues lie in the steamy city of Charlotte's golden real estate market.  Even worse: Someone Sydney knows all too well may be holding the key to a case of multiple murder....

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