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Murder at the God's Gate (The Lord Meren Mysteries Book 2)

Murder at the God's Gate (The Lord Meren Mysteries Book 2)


A “complex and exciting” mystery set during the reign of Tutankhamun (The New York Times Book Review).

Egypt is under threat from the Hittites, and the teenage pharaoh has additional troubles stemming from the heresy of his late father, Akhenaten. Fate seems to be pointing a finger at him when a priest topples to his death—from a statue of none other than Tutankhamun himself. Now Lord Meren, the confidential agent who protects the boy king, must struggle to uncover Tutankhamun’s most threatening enemies, some within the court at Thebes . . .
“Robinson knowledgeably instructs readers in the cultural and political life of a fascinating period in history while entertaining us with a puzzling plot, accessible characters, and the domestic details of their daily lives.” —Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine
“Delightful . . . Robinson makes ancient Thebes come alive as she describes the personalities, clothing, golden jewelry, the intrigue, and the smells of the desert, the terrors of a hippo hunt.” —San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle
“A compelling narrative comprised of vividly depicted background and characters and a well-plotted mystery.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review
“Ms. Robinson is an archeologist by training and a storyteller by inclination. Using her scholarship to penetrate the inner precincts of court and temple, she has written a complex and exciting narrative that reflects the twisted machinations of politicians—royal and otherwise.” —The New York Times Book Review

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