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O'Hurley Born

O'Hurley Born


The Last Honest Woman

As the widow of an infamous race car champion, Abby O’Hurley is left with two sons and lots of secrets. Cynical journalist and biographer Dylan Crosby plans to ruthlessly uncover whatever Abby is hiding about her former life. Abby is nothing like the spoiled princess Dylan expects her to be, yet even as he turns on his charm, she refuses to open up. If Dylan wants to know what mysteries she hides, he might have to share his secrets first…

Dance to the Piper

Maddy O’Hurley is used to being in the spotlight. Her passion for dancing sets the stage aflame and leaves no one in her audience unaffected—including recording mogul Reed Valentine. Reed isn’t accustomed to such burning desire—not for anything or anyone. And he isn’t about to lose control over the emotions he’s honed so carefully. But is he prepared to fight fire with fire?

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