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The Buck Stops Here: The Million Dollar Mysteries

The Buck Stops Here: The Million Dollar Mysteries


Ever since her husband was killed in a boating accident several years ago, Callie has immersed herself in work. But when she overhears a conversation that implicates her boss, Tom, in the death, she questions everything she has been told about the accident.

When Callie confronts Tom, he informs her that his hands are tied by the National Security Agency and he can tell her nothing. Despite the secrecy surrounding Tom and the NSA, Callie decides to find out for herself exactly what is going on and how Tom may have been involved in her husband's death. Using her investigative skills, Callie throws herself into the most important mystery she has ever attempted to solve.

Will their affection be able to stand the strain? And what was God's plan in bringing Tom and Callie together - marriage or merely answers for her questions about Bryan's death?The Million Dollar Mystery series thrills millions of readers with its exciting combination of suspense and inspiration.

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