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The Case of the Fabulous Fake

The Case of the Fabulous Fake


The client was young blond and beautiful and she wanted to disappear. The trouble was she wouldn’t say why, and she wouldn’t give her name. So Perry Mason agreed to a code of identification based on her measurements: 36-24-36. But according to Della Street, the figures were padded, and as it turned out, so was everything the client said. Certainly the bag full of cash she carries isn’t shopping money. All the mystery-woman asks is that Perry Mason make himself available for a few days in case she needs him-for what purpose, she remains silent as a grave. In fact, his headstrong client is headed for disaster –not only into a blackmailer’s clutches but into a lethal trap from which not even Perry Mason’s brilliant courtroom sorcery may be able to extricate her. Alive anyway…….

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