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The Dream Stalker (A Wind River Reservation Mystery Book 3)

The Dream Stalker (A Wind River Reservation Mystery Book 3)


New York Times bestselling author Margaret Coel's acclaimed Wind River mysteries “shouldn't be missed by anyone interested in either new trends in mystery writing or contemporary American Indian culture. She's a master at both.”—Tony Hillerman

With promises of new jobs and millions in revenue, the Wind River Reservation agrees to use their land for a nuclear storage site. But Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden is not willing to let this happen. And with help from Father John O'Malley, she sets out to protect the land and her people.

But someone involved wants to keep Vicky—and anyone else who stands in the way—quiet. When a man is murdered and two attempts are made on Vicky's life, she knows the stakes have been raised. Now Vicky and Father John must search through false promises and misguided dreams to find the truth of this harrowing crime—and restore the true spirit and dreams of the Arapaho...

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