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The MacGregors: Alan & Grant

The MacGregors: Alan & Grant


The MacGregors: One passionate, headstrong family. Two fan-favorite tales of timeless romance.

All the Possibilities

Shelby Campbell is unlike any woman Senator Alan MacGregor has ever known—vibrant, creative, unconventional…and determined to keep him at arm’s length despite their undeniable attraction. But Alan never lets anything stop him from getting what he wants—not even the centuries-old feud between the MacGregors and the Campbells…

One Man’s Art

Grant Campbell is a loner, completely set in his ways. Yet when he opens his lighthouse door to Genevieve Grandeau on a wild, stormy night, something in him shifts. Gennie can see that under Grant’s gruff exterior, he’s intelligent and sensitive, but emotionally scarred. Can she convince him to move beyond his past—to share, to trust and to love again?

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